Past Winners

Trade2Win Members’ Choice Awards have been dishing out awards since 2003 to the best of the best within the financial industry. We’ve kept a list of all our winners so you can look back into the past.

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Data Feed Winners for 2005

Best Realtime Data Feed

Best EOD Data Feed

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Software Winners for 2005

Best Professional Trading Platform

Best Software for UK EOD Traders

Best Software for UK Intra-Day Traders

Best Software for US EOD Traders

Best Software for US Intra-Day Traders

Best Software for Options Traders

  • eSignal Option Plus
  • OptionsXpress
  • Saxotrader

Best Software for Mechanical System Traders

Best A.I. Software (Expert Systems/Neural Networks)

Best Portfolio Management Software

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Broker Winners for 2005

Best Stockbroker

Best Direct Access Broker

Best Spreadbetting Broker

Best CFD Broker

Best Forex Broker

Best Futures Broker

Best Options Broker

  • OptionsXpress
  • BetOnMarkets
  • BinaryBet

Best Fixed Odds Broker

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Media Winners for 2005

Best Financial Television Channel

Best Traders Magazine

Best Website for Market News/Analysis

Best Website for Trading Data/Tools

Best Website for Technical Analysis

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T2W Website Winners for 2005

Most Helpful Member (Answers Questions/Help Newbies)

  • Mr. Charts
  • dbphoenix
  • RogueTrader

Funniest Member

  • Socrates
  • FetteredChinos

Favourite Forum

Favourite Thread

Favourite Journal

Favourite Member Photo

Favourite Member Avatar

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